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Master's, Combined Master's/Ph.D, or Ph.D Degree Program in IoT & AI Lab

(석사, 석박사통합, 박사 과정 지원안내)

We encourage self-motivated and talented students to apply to our lab.

ο Students with merits and potentials (both Korean and international students) will be financially supported by the Brain Korea 21 (BK21) scholarship or/and the lab research project fund.

ο For international students, in addition to the above financial support programs, please be strongly encouraged to apply for the Natural Science and Engineering Scholarship Type A or C.

  • Requirements of Scholarship Type A and C:

  • Check the application deadline:

ο Please send your CV with BA or/and Master’s GPAs (optional with English test scores [IELTS, TOEFL, TEPS] or/and Korean test scores [TOPIK] for the international applicant who has taken one) directly to Prof. Minho Jo at

Post-doctoral Positions

(박사후 연구원 지원안내)

ο If you are motivated to do world-class and cutting-edge research as well as publish papers in top-tier journals in preparation for your career goal, please be encouraged to apply for a post-doctoral position in the following areas:

  • AI, Blockchain, Security, IoT

ο Please send your CV with your publication records directly to Prof. Minho Jo at