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Yuanjie Li(이원걸) Profile

Yuanjie Li(이원걸)

Graduate Student, Department of Computer and Information Science, Sejong Metropolitan City, S. Korea

Room# 302, The Second Science & Technology Building,
Seojong-Ro 2511, Korea University, Sejong Metropolitan City 30019, S. Korea
E-mail,, Office Phone #:+82-044-860-1755

  • Mar., 2016 ~ Current, Combined MS and PhD degree program student, Department of Computer and Information Science, Korea University, Sejong Metropolitan City, S. Korea.
  • BA, Sept. 2009 ~ Aug. 2014, Dual BA degrees in Dept. of Computer Engineering and Dept. of Electronics, Handong University, S. Korea.
Research Areas of Current Interest

IoT (Internet of Things), Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence, Reinforcement Learning, Blockchain, Fog Computing, 5G heterogeneous networks.

Experience and Award
  • 2014~2016, Software Engineer, San Engineering Co., Bundang, S. Korea

Publications & Conference
  1. Li, Y.; Anh, N.T.; Nooh, A.S.; Ra, K.; Jo, M. Dynamic Mobile Cloudlet Clustering for Fog Computing. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Electronics, Information, and Communication (CEIC), Honolulu, HI, USA, 24–27 January 2018; pp. 1–4.