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Sang Pil Kim (김상필) Profile

Sang Pil Kim (김상필)

Now graduate student in the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Purdue University, USA

E-mail : mjtwins@korea.ac.kr

  • BA, March 2008 ~ Feb 2015, Dept. of Computer and Communication Engineering, Korea University, Seoul, S. Korea.

Member of Robotic Club KAsimov at Korea Univ. Jan., 2014 - Dec., 2014

  • Programmed robot with Arduino Mega 2560 processor and developed control system with C language Hosted high-school students robot contest for boosting interest in robotics to society

Undergraduate Research Assistant in Prof. Minho Jo’s Lab at Korea Univ. Aug., 2013 - Mar., 2014

  • Evaluated selfish attack detection method in cognitive radio Ad-hoc networks
  • Explored spectrum-sharing mechanisms and spectrum sensing in cognitive radio
  • Carried out a personal research project, “Predictive Channel Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks”

Undergraduate Research Assistant in Prof. Jichai Jeong’s Lab at Korea Univ. Jan., 2013- July, 2013

  • Trained for Cadence analog design tools and designed low-noise amplifier Programmed the OFDM transmitter and receiver with C and MATLAB
  • Certificate of Science Genius Education from the Institute of Science-Gifted Education (2004)
  • Certificate of graduation for “The seven habits of highly effective students” from Franklin Covey co. (2008)
  • Semester High Honors from Korea University (2008 Fall, 2012 Spring)
  • Honors Scholarships from Korea University (4 out of 8 semesters, 2008 ~ 2012)
  • Undergraduate Scholarship from Samsung (2013)
  • Certificate of Achievement from Peer Tutoring Program of Korea University (2014)
  • Second place in Total Creative Engineering Competition from Korea University (2014, officially 3rd place; 2nd/3rd teams were tied)
Research Areas of Current Interest
  • Communication networks, and robotics
  • Design and analysis of communication networks
  • Swam of robots and autonomous robots