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Pena Bobadilla Raul Enrique (라울) Profile

Pena Bobadilla Raul Enrique (라울)

Graduate Student
Department of Computer Convergence Software, Sejong Metropolitan City, S. Korea

Room# 302, The Second Science & Technology Building,
Seojong-Ro 2511, Korea University, Sejong Metropolitan City 30019, S. Korea
E-mail :

  • Integrated Master-Phd program student, Department of Computer Convergence Software, Korea University, Sejong Metropolitan City, S. Korea.
  • BA degree in Computer Systems Engineering, Santo Domingo Institute of Technology(INTEC), Nov. 2014 ~ Apr. 2019
Professional Career
  • Middleware Systems Administrator, Claro Dominicana Telecommunications Company, Dominican Republic, Sept. 2018 ~ Jan. 2021.
Research Areas of Current Interest

IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence